About me

I am a certified DNA Activator, Energy Worker and Spiritual coach

I am a Spiritual Coach, DNA Activator, intuitive, and energy worker, who is trained and highly experienced as an Energy Healer.  I help you to remove hexes and curses from your life, black magic removal, Reiki Master, Gateway Activator, Plasma Light Healer, Certified Tuning Fork and Sound Healer with experience in Chakra Healing and Energetic Clearings.

Sharing wisdom

Wombmen Circles

Our healing circles for wombmen is where you learn to consciously tap into your own inner wisdom and guidance from your own personal Source of Wisdom. Together we create a safe space for women to be vulnerable and to be able to explore and open up to the depths that lie unexplored within most of us.

Through a combination of dialogue and discussion, movement, expression and journaling, we listen without judgement, we support, we share love and most importantly, we spread light.