The ‘Gateway Systems’ are intergalactic, multidimensional healing and upgrading systems. They were used in ‘Atlantis’, as a ‘Biogenesis Tool’ to increase Light embodiment … They are designed to upgrade us through All of the matrices of Light, beginning with the ‘Crystalline Light matrix’, followed by the ‘Diamond Light matrix’ and lastly the ‘Solar Light matrix’ (which has never been achieved by humanity as yet) …

The Gateway Energyworks by quantum entanglement, using parallel networks to create a super cell, which pushes all toxic energy out of our cells, speeding up their vibration. The cell is after all, nothing more than a battery. Once the voltage is increased, energy flows quickly through us, and toxins are not allowed to build up in the matrix.. It comes to us via the Stellar Gateway Light Portal , opening and activating both our Stellar Gateway Chakra, and Ascension Chakra.

Another effect of the energy is, that it alters/improves our mental interface, rewiring our brains, changing our thought habits, thus preventing us from having thoughts that are out of alignment with divine harmony, creating an expansion of consciousness .. It also contains the DNA Reverse Program which works to reverse the genetic modifications that we have undergone, that have downgraded us in consciousness and empowerment, and is woven into the Etheric fabric of All Universes…


The Gateway energy is a great tool for reversing DNA/mRNA modifications from PCR tests and vaccinations. DNA will be reversed and remodified to its original template.


Below are the functions of the Gateway energy… The initial energy that a person receives, will seek out their weaknesses, tears in the fabric of their energy bodies, in order to seal them ( the energy itself is the Assessor)…

  • 1st Function, is comprised of the Assessment only.
  • 2nd Function, is about identifying the Genome, and re-arranging genetic material.
  • 3rd Function, comprises of rescuing lost DNA from the Etheric strands, and re-integrating it.
  • 4th Function, revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional DNA.
  • 5th Function, is about re-invigorating the strands by injecting new codes into them. It installs new Star Technology, to instigate a New System entirely.
  • 6th Function, is about finalizing important structural changes to support the new template.
  • 7th Function, revolves around re-uniting all our stellar systems ( our Galactic energy systems), and transforming them into ONE WHOLE Module.

It may of course require a few attunements from a Master Activator, in order to fully carry out these functions. Please note that functions 1 to 4 refer to the healing aspect of the Gateway Energy.  However functions 5 to 7 refer to the building and installing of a new operating system, using the codes of the Gateway Systems that you have received.


This system was brought through by Kir-aha, Kira Diane Lester. 


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